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Core Helmets

Core is a brand that is 25 years in the making, with extensive knowledge in the manufacturing and distribution of Motorsport products. Core was created for you the rider enthusiast, a range of products with a commitment of providing you the very best in safety, quality at the most affordable price.

All Core products are manufactured in compliance to meet and exceed all government applicable standards, with our manufacturers maintaining all necessary certifications and licenses to manufacture our state of the art products. Core products are tested by actual every day riders just like you, so please let us know how we are doing.

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Frequently Asked Question

How tight should my Core helmet be?

Your Core helmet should be snug at first. The comfort liner will break in after several hours of riding for a custom fit. A proper fit SHOULD NOT allow the helmet to move around without pulling the skin on your face. A loose fitting helmet IS EXTREMELY DANGEROUS as it can affect vision, sound, and decrease impact absorption.

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