Cruiser Shorty Half

  • Made with an Injection Thermoplastic alloy shell
  • Expanded Polystyrene energy absorbing liner
  • Plush Breathable Brushed Nylon comfort interior
  • Automotive paint with Clear coat finish. ( no clear coat on flat)
  • Double D-Ring retention system
  • Meets and exceeds DOT FMSV218 Standard

Product Description

The Core brand was 25 years in the making, based on extensive knowledge and experience in the manufacturing and distribution of Motorsport products. Core was created to provide the very best in safety and quality, at the most affordable price for riders. All Core products are manufactured to comply with or exceed all applicable government standards. Core factories maintain all necessary certifications and licenses to manufacture state of the art products. Core products are tested by every day riders. Please let us know how we are doing.

The performance and fit of the Cruiser Shorty Half Helmet is a big difference from competing products. The helmet is designed to fit lower on a rider’s head for comfort and appearance while maintaining the integrity and performance of the helmet. The lightweight, injection molded outer shell is combined with a selected density polystyrene impact absorbing liner which will help absorb and disperse the energy of an impact. The helmet not only meets, but exceeds the FMSV218 DOT standard.

A breathable, Diamond double stitch comfort liner cushions a rider’s head. An open Y-strap retention system allows a rider to hear their surroundings. The Double D-ring system enables comfortable fastening underneath the chin. A Clear Coat layer (except for the flat black finish) over quality automotive paints provides a stunning finish. Each helmet includes a 3-snap bubble sun visor, helmet storage bag, and a Core Sticker (which can be applied to the front of helmet as shown).